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The Toshiba Machine Group is in constant need of materials used in the manufacture of machine tools, injection molding machines, extrusion machines, die casting machines, and other products it offers, and seeks suppliers capable of delivering these materials with the highest quality, lowest prices, and fastest delivery time.

The Toshiba Machine Group’s Material Procurement Policy

Basic Principles
(1) We comply with laws and ordinances and conform to societal norms.
(2) We offer both current and prospective suppliers (“suppliers”) equal opportunities for business.
(3) We engage in socially responsible procurement in cooperation with our suppliers.
(4) We ensure our procurement activity with our suppliers is based upon mutual understanding and trust.

Supplier Selection Policy
Our suppliers, both new and continuing, fulfill all of the following conditions.

  •  Comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conform to societal norms, and value human rights, decent working conditions, safety and health, and the environment.
  • Are in good financial standing.
  • Provide materials and services to the Toshiba Machine Group which are of adequate quality, at appropriate prices, and with reasonable delivery time.
  • Ensure a reliable and steady supply, and flexibly respond to changes in supply and demand.
  • Are technologically competent enough to contribute to the Toshiba Machine Group’s products.
  • Are sufficiently resilient so as to ensure continued delivery of materials following a disaster or any unexpected disruptive incident.
  • Apply the same basic principles as the Toshiba Machine Group to business with their suppliers.

Requirements of Our Suppliers
The Toshiba Machine Group offers a wide range of products across the globe. We ensure our procurement practices consider stakeholder requests from a variety of perspectives. Therefore, we require our suppliers recognize and understand our procurement policy and agree to the following. They shall also require the same of their suppliers.

(1) Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; conforming to societal norms
 We require our suppliers comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conform to societal norms in the   regions and countries in which they operate.
- Compliance with all relevant laws and regulations (e.g., local anti-monopoly legislation, commercial laws, laws equivalent to the Subcontract Proceeds Act in Japan, foreign exchange control laws, personal information protection laws, and copyright laws).
- Bribery of interested parties is strictly prohibited, including; no illegal gift-giving, payment, compensation, provision of monetary or non-monetary benefits.

(2) Valuing human rights, and safety and health in the workplace
We require our suppliers value fundamental human rights, and ensure their employees work in a safe and clean environment.
- No forced labor, inhumane treatment (including slavery), human trafficking, child labor, or discrimination are allowed.
- Ensure wages for employees are appropriate, manage working hours, and respect employees’ right to organize.
- Provide and maintain safe and clean working conditions.

(3) Valuing the environment
We require our suppliers adopt the idea; “we will hand down to future generations the irreplaceable global environment in sound condition” while they endeavor to make their products environmentally friendly.
- Develop a framework of environmental conservation efforts compliant with ISO 14001, and promote the acquisition of external certificates.
- Procure environmentally friendly parts and materials, such as those with reduced amounts of hazardous chemical substances (green procurement).
- Promote actions to preserve the environment (e.g., draw up policies, create systems, and provide training programs for environmental conservation efforts).

(4) Good financial health
It is vital all Toshiba Machine Group suppliers be in good financial standing. Therefore, we require our suppliers disclose to us their management policies and business conditions which encompass their financial situation.

(5) Ensuring superior quality
In order to maintain and improve the quality of products we provide our customers, we require our suppliers develop frameworks of quality assurance which are compliant with the ISO 9000 family of quality management systems standards, make efforts to acquire external certificates, and promise to do the following in cooperation with the Toshiba Machine Group:
- Continue to provide materials and services with the specifications and quality consistent with the Toshiba Machine Group standards.

(6) Providing materials and services at reasonable prices
In order to offer our customers financially satisfying products, we require our suppliers provide materials and services at competitive prices at all times and make continuous efforts to reduce their prices.

(7) Ensuring on-time delivery and developing a system for steady supply
In order to consistently and reliably deliver products to our customers and respond to drastic changes in supply and demand, we require our suppliers ensure on-time delivery and develop systems for a steady and flexible supply of materials and services.

(8) Improving technological competence
In order to provide our customers with safe and well-developed products which meet their needs, we require our suppliers continue to improve their technological competence.

(9) Continuing to deliver materials and services following a disaster or any unexpected disruptive incident
We require our suppliers cooperate in the continuous delivery of products and services while sharing information with the Toshiba Machine Group about supply chains which include their suppliers, and in risk management activities in times of peace.
- Cooperate to ensure uninterrupted delivery following a disruptive incident such as a natural disaster, fire disaster, riot, terrorist act, war, civil strife, or an epidemic outbreak.


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